24 for iPhone

A reader app that designed to be simple from every perspective: there is no unread badge, notifications, favorites or cloud sync... only several articles to read at a time.

Demo Video  

Articles from selected sources in the last 24 hours.
Read article in full screen view.
Use timeline for fast navigation.
5 basic themes, 9 more to unlock with iAP.
Recommended sources by categories.
Unlock to add customize RSS/Atom feeds.

24 might not be a good reader app technically, it is missing so much features like unread badge, push notification or even favorites. But as an iPhone user almost from the day one, I am now getting tired of technologies like unread badge and push notifications.

That's why we build this app, it is not much, but good enough to get you some news from the past 24 hours. And we use some simple machine learning to help filter some sad or bloody contents, because it is super important to have a good mood everyday.


Requires iOS 11.0 or later

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