Simple reader app for iPhone

24 for iPhone
 A reader built for iPhone.

Clipboard utility apps for iOS, macOS and Web

Copies for iOS
 Clipboard manager built for iPhone and iPad.
Copies for macOS
 Full-featured clipboard tool on the Mac.
Copies for Web
 Web portal powered by CloudKit.

Clock utility app for macOS

Clock mini
 Mini clock in the Dock.

Image utility apps for macOS

Image mini
 Image utility to resize, convert and apply effects.
Instant Resize
 One-click to resize.
Instant Convert
 One-click to convert.
Instant Effects
 One-click to apply effects.

Password utility apps for iOS and macOS

Password mini for macOS
 Generate and save to Keychain Access.
Password nano for iOS
 Generate and save locally.

System utility app for macOS

 Fast proxy switcher.

法律参考 for iOS and macOS

Chinese laws reference apps for iOS and macOS, available in Chinese only.
法律参考 for iOS
 独立设计的 iPad 以及 iPhone 版本。
法律参考 for macOS

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