Clipboard management for your Mac and iPhone
with cloud sync and push notification,
Introducing Paster.
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Cloud Sync Cloud sync is automatically happening in the background to transfer latest clipboard content to device.

And instead of using local WiFi based network, we use industry standard HTTPS connection.

It's safer, it's fast, it's reliable.
Push Notification Push notification is probably the best way to help improving productivity when working with multiple devices, so with Paster, latest contents are pushed between devices.

Paster uses Notification Center by default, you will see every collection happens with content preview or file name of the image you just copied.
Search in History Clipboard content is changeable, it will be replaced by new one instantly, then it is gone forever.

Paster collects them for you: website links, text-based contents or ever images you are working on. Then you have all of them, you can search by keywords or just filter by category.
Advanced Controls Sometimes you don't want to sync clipboard content, or you just don't want some special content to be synced.

Paster has a powerful keyword filter and some other sync controls including disable cloud sync totally. It syncs your way, you just have it under control!
Easy Setup Usually when there's a cloud service, there's setups. When we are making Paster, we know in the very first time that we want something different: efficiency and ease of use.

So there's no account needed at all, every device you want to sync with comes with a Sync Code, you just enter it to your Mac, then you are good to go.
Multiple Devices By using sync code, you are just ready to go with multiple devices. Enter all the sync codes you need to Paster on your Mac, active the device by clicking the status indicator in the list.

When you've done with one device and don't need it anymore, just click to remove it. Push notifications will stop on this device at once.
Wireless Productivity Built with HTTPS connection, paired with unique sync code, no account setup at all. All of these make sure one thing: you can start working instantly.

Great ideas may come from any piece of content which can't be waited.
Background Tasks Paster for iPhone supports background task mode, which means it can collect all the copies when you are working in other apps on your phone, and automatically sync back to your Mac in the same time.

" Co więcej można napisać o aplikacji, która jest przydatna na co dzień i którą warto posiadać. Moja rada jest taka, jeżeli do tej pory – do wymiany treści pomiędzy iPhone a Mac używałeś maila to zostań przy tym rozwiązaniu. Szkoda abyś wydawał pieniądze. Jednak jeżeli chcesz coś zmienić bo powoli denerwuje Cię ilość wiadomości w poczcie zaczyna ich przybywać i doszedłeś do wniosku, że to przestaje być miłe kiedy otwierasz 1200 maili tracąc czas. To te rozwiązanie jest dla Ciebie. "


" There isn’t much more for me to say about this app other than to mention that it looks great, runs like an absolute dream, and will certainly prove to be an invaluable resource for me on an ongoing basis. "


" For professional web collectors, this app is definitely worth a try. What makes a purchase even more likely is its perfect syncing feature with the Mac client. "


" Mac/iPhone のクリップボード拡張アプリ Paster 同期もむちゃくちゃ速くて便利すぎます "

by MacとiPhone備忘録

" 在基于 HTTPS 通信传输协议基础上构建的信息同步机制,让内容在 Paster 里能够实现快速,实时,稳定的内容同步效果,无论是文本,链接或是图片,你都能在两个版本的 Paster 中得到最好的体验。"

by 玩儿法

Paster for Mac

Paster for iPhone